The Pork Sirloin

Boneless pork sirloins are for sale in many stores. See if you can negotiate with your favorite “meatman” as they should be a little cheaper if bought by the whole bag (about 4 pieces) than cut up in the counter.

This cut is together with the Beef Sirloin Tip one of the most versatile pieces of meat for us utilized in our cooking and even used in our homemade Luncheon meats and sausages.

The diversity of cuts from this piece of meat ranges from roast to cutlets to stew. We include a link to our youtube video on how to cut it up.

How to cut up a Pork Sirloin

Roasts: A basic recipe can be seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic and roast on the BBQ or follow the link to our pork roast recipes. Cutting the roast open and stuffing it with bread or meat filling, ham and cheese or even spinach and cheese are other delicious alternatives. Most of what you can do with the more expensive boneless pork loin is possible to do with this cut of meat. We will post more recipes on in the future.

Cutlets: Are great for any kind of Schnitzel (from Plain Pork to Gypsy to Hunter or Rahm-schnitzel) even just seasoned on the grill or Foreman is an excellent quick meal. Butterfly for a cheaper to veal alternative of making Cordon Bleus or stuff and roll with whatever your taste-buds desire.

Stew: We are talking the piece being cut into about 1 inch pieces. These can be braised in stews or Goulash, stick them on a skewer, bread and bake them for the old fashioned City Chicken, Pork Kebobs with Bacon and Onion on the BBQ is another one of our favorites, or even cut them into strips and fry with onions and mushrooms complimented by a Curry-Ketchup for an ultra quick meal. (The ingredients for our favorite Curry-Ketchup Sauce can be found at our Currywurst recipe, just omit the oil and bologna and stir it together not heated!)



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