Swedish Potato Sausage (Potatis Korv)

I promised a good friend of mine the recipe of the Swedish Potatis Korv or Swedish Potato Sausage we made in our store. This was adapted from an original recipe of one of our Swedish customers. We produced this for a local Swedish club for the Holidays or special occasions. As the original recipe was more or less just a list of ingredients, describing the consistency of the finished product and the quantities were in the handful of this and a pinch of that category, it took us a few tries of making samples to perfect it to the clubs taste and quality specifications. The finished result actually drew a few customers annually all the way from copper country in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, buying it for their neighbors and friends up there, stating that this is far better then the local sausage they can get up north. By the way our store was in Troy, Michigan over 500 miles away from them.

So here we go


15# Pork Butts
5# Pork trimmings
8# Potatoes
6 ounces Salt
1 ounce White Pepper
3 ounces Dried Minced Onions
½ gal Water

Cook, peel and cool the potatoes.

Grind the trimmings through the fine plate, change the plate to coarse and grind the pork butts together with the trimmings. Grind this meat together with the potatoes a second time through the coarse plate.

Combine salt, pepper and onions in ice cold water, pour over the meat and mix well.

Stuff into 32/35 mm hog casings leaving it in long rolled up rings, like a fresh country style sausage.

Precook and brown.

When asking our Swedish customers what they served with it, the common answer was potatoes.

For the holidays we made this sausage in hundred pounds multiples.

This recipe with a printable page is published on ingeskitchen.com.

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