Making X-mas Sausage

Bratwurst 016a

We started the Boomers as a subgroup in our church and, as we have a couple of “Meatmen” in our group, decided to host an evening of Christmas sausage making as a social event and fundraiser for the church. Our guess was that in our small congregation we would probably end up making about 50 to 60 pounds of sausage and would call that a success. What a surprise on the order cut off day we had close to 200 pounds on order.

We made three different types of fresh sausage, a fine and a coarse ground Fresh Polish and a recipe we got from the local Transylvanian Saxon organization. The recipes for the Coarse Polish and the Saxon sausage can be found on our Inge’s Kitchen recipe page in the Sausage and Lunch-meat section. If I can get the other guy’s recipe for the fine ground Polish we will post it there.

As we ran that as a social event we had quite a few members show up to help and have a good time.

A few beers, some snacks and samples of the sausage we made rounded of the evening. The extra pounds we had leftover after we weight up all the order were gobbled up by the participants by the people present within no time.

The support of Butcher and Packer Supply Company and Ilowski Sausage made this a very successful fundraiser for our church.

With all the help we had, the sausage was made in under 2½ hours.

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