Making Wurst!

Last week I found Ground Pork for under $2.00 lbs at our Kroger store, it was very lean and even organic. So I bought 2 -1 lb packages to make the Wurst – Base Recipe posted on our in the Lunch Meats and Sausage section.

Threw the meat in a bowl, weight up the 6 different ingredients, to keep the story true, I added 2 tsp whole mustard seeds, mixed it all together.

Transferred it on to aluminum foil and wrapped it tight. In less than 10 minutes I had the Wurst ready to go in the oven.

The Wurst was almost too lean and was a little try, after adding some mayo or butter to the rye bread and a crunchy pickle with it, it tasted great.

Could have used 1 lb of the Pork and a pound of 80% lean Ground Beef.
I usually grind my own meat (Pork Shoulder Butts) which gives me the right fat content.

Total Price under $4.50.
End product about 2 pounds with the spices and water added so cost is $2.25 per pound compare with $6 to $7 per pound in the Lunch Meat counter of your Deli.

So a saving of at least $ 8.00 for a high quality product.


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