Bacon vs Bacon IMHO

The other day we were in the mood for BLT’s and still had a package of Bacon in the fridge from Ilowski Sausage Company on St. Clair Highway in East China, Michigan.

My Conclusion: Not all Bacon is Bacon.

IMHO Joey Ilowski’s Bacon is by far the best bacon in South East Michigan that I know off. I found comparable bacon sold at the Sparr Mall close to Gaylord, Michigan but can’t remember the manufacturer and also at Geier’s Sausage Kitchen in Sarasota, Florida.

Cooking and eating bacon, that does not curl up too much when frying, has just the right amount of salt and does not burn in the pan from all the sweeteners in it makes me wonder why we need all that added sugar/corn syrup/ dextrose and all that added water in it.

In my opinion bacon should be trimmed pork bellies, either dry cured or cured in a brine, not pumped with all the added stuff in it. It should be kind of firm to the touch before you fry it and the only thing coming out of it during frying should be the rendered fat.

Make it a point and try some of what I consider the real stuff and see if you agree with me.

But again I might be wrong, after I had about 20 people sample Kielbasa from two different suppliers, one gentleman told me that he really liked the one with all the fillers and sweeteners in it, so go figure!
May be it is the sweet stuff in the bacon that makes it the favorite to put on anything.

Bacon should not be made from Beef or Turkey.

With Bacon – PORK RULES!

I love Bacon, but I am still a purist, there are occasions which call for bacon and others which are over the edge.
Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches are great on a hot summer evening, bacon with eggs for breakfast, it belongs there, but already when you buy the more expensive Black Angus Ground Beef to get that added taste profile, why would you want to change the taste and add bacon?
It belongs in a Bavarian Style Sauerkraut, German Potato Salad and many other dishes were it was used already for centuries.
It does not belong on Hamburgers or even worse covered with chocolate, as a syrup for milkshakes, bacon flavored ice cream and all the other bacon based products they are trying to convince us to buy.

But hey this is only the opinion of this guy!

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