Boneless Porkloin

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Boneless Pork Loins were on sale for $ 1.49 lb at one of our local supermarkets and while selecting a couple for me, a lady, which was actually older than I, from an independent senior complex (saw her get into the bus later), was looking at a package of boneless pork chops for $ 3.99 lb. So I had to point out to her that she could save quite a bit of money by buying the whole loin.

I am still kind of amazed that many people do not realize that the pork chops come from the pork loin. So I told her if she would throw half of the meat from the whole loin away she would still be money-wise ahead of the game.

After her realizing this fact she told me that she could not use that much meat, so I pointed out that

  1. She could invite all her friends from the senior home for a dinner at her apartment for not quite a Dollar more than the package of chops in her hands.
  2. She could cut a few pork chops, use the rest as a roast or cut it up as stew for a good Pork Goulash.

Did she buy one or the other? I am not sure as I walked away when our conversation ended. So if you ever see these boneless Pork Loins on special, figure what you out could do with them and compare the price of these items already cut in the counter. Add it up, it is simple math.

In closing let me refer you to our recipe site Inge’s Kitchen and the pork section in Main Dishes and you will see that this piece of meat is terrific for a variety of Schnitzel, Roasts, Stews and I even use it for my extra lean, special “Head Cheese” when the price is right.


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