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All Recipes contained here are to our best knowledge in the public domain, if you have proof, that you have the copyright to any one of these recipes, please contact us with the proof and we will credit you for it or remove it from our site.

Recipes are printed in many cookbooks and each dish goes back to a single person who originated or developed it. Only a few cooks or bakers are remembered and even then there is often a debate about the originators, that is why we feel that recipes are in the public domain.

If you find a recipe which is the same as your Grandmother’s, remember, in the old days recipes were exchanged by neighbors, friends or in the market place and adjusted to fit the individuals needs, prosperity and tastes.

A good example of this happened to me years ago. We enjoyed an excellent meal at a friends house in Germany and asked our hostess for the recipe, which she hand copied (yes, those were the days) from her personal handwritten cookbook. Upon return to the USA my wife wanted to try the recipe and needed to clarify some ingredients and cooking times. We searched our cookbooks and found it in one (printed in English and published in the USA) with only one minor difference in the ingredients. We know for sure she did not copy it from there and we do not think that the cookbook publisher plagiarized it from her.

As recipes sometimes include ingredients which are trademarked, we hope that the owner of the trademark considers our use as cheap and effective advertising, otherwise please contact us, we will substitute your item with a generic product or remove it.

If we know the originator and history behind a recipe we will include it.

Most of the pictures and graphics used are our own. Third party pictures and graphics were downloaded from official web sites promoting the specific place or item, from Wikimedia Commons, (please go to their site for license information) and also from official US government sites, which are to our knowledge in the public domain.

If you find a picture or graphic where you own the copyright, please notify us if you want it removed from our web site.

We try to link only to trustworthy web sites, which were at point of publishing approved by our anti virus program, but we do not have any control over their changing content and also their privacy policies. It is up to you if you want to click on any of these links.

We really tried most recipes again before posting, but:

We will not be responsible for misprints, mistakes in directions, ingredients and quantities, as with every recipe, look at the ingredients and decide if they are to your liking before you start.

Some of the recipes come from old sources, from a time when you burned off the fat and calories without a health club membership, so cook, serve and eat at your own risk.

Some of the recipe are sinfully good – definitely not DIET FOOD!!!


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