Wurst – Bratwurst and Fresh Sausage

    Let me start with the Bratwurst which is translated “Frying Sausage” and would include any of the fresh sausages we put on the grill. I know we refer to Bratwurst or Brats to the fresh German style sausages … Continue reading

Pork Shoulder/Boston Butts

The Boston Butt is the pork shoulder, weighs 6 to 9 pounds, can be bought bone in or boneless and is right now very affordable – look for sales in stores. The cheapest way to buy is 2 pieces vacuum … Continue reading

Boneless Porkloin

Boneless Pork Loins were on sale for $ 1.49 lb at one of our local supermarkets and while selecting a couple for me, a lady, which was actually older than I, from an independent senior complex (saw her get into … Continue reading

Peameal Bacon

Click here to see the definition of Peameal Bacon on Wikipedia. When we received the peameal bacon in our store we always sliced it thin and rolled the slices in cornmeal, that our customers get a nice crust when they … Continue reading

The Basics of making Fresh Sausage

During the Wurst Party we ran yesterday a few questions came up which I would like to answer. The definition of Fresh Sausage is that it is raw meat and the most common ingredient in it is Pork, to be … Continue reading

Why waste my Time to make Wurst?

Let me first refer you to my post Wurst – Sausage and Luncheon Meats to explain why I use the German word. I will cover the “why” here and also a simple way to start this hobby without buying all … Continue reading


The other day my wife was asked to pick up some chicken breasts for a dinner at our church from a membership warehouse, as the local supermarkets did not run any specials that week. The conversation I overheard came to … Continue reading

Buying Meat

The way we buy meat for our house. I am not and never was a believer in buying whole Sides of Beef, Beef Quarters, Freezer Bundles and whole Hogs for my home use. I always tried to analyze a customers … Continue reading

Freezer orders

During my lectures and some conversations it seems that buying larger amounts of meat(s) is coming back in fashion. So let us break down the purchasing of a Side of Beef or Hindquarter: If you have a large family and … Continue reading

Serving Sizes

Almost all the nutrition labels nowadays include as a measure the “serving size”. This is okay with nuts and potato chips and if I compare the Nouveau Cuisine recipes some people will actually pay large sums of money for these … Continue reading