American Legion Post 4 Hunter Fundraiser

For all of the Hunters and everyone who enjoys Quality Smoked Meats! Open to everyone! American Legion Post 4 in Mount Clemens will offer 4 Types of Smoked Meats and Sausages to take along hunting and/or just enjoy at home! … Continue reading

Corned Beef

As the definition of Corned Beef is already explained at Wikipedia there is no need for me to go into this. Let me also restate that this post presents my taste and my opinion and that I do not have … Continue reading

Our Glorious Regulators

With all my years working in the food industry I came across some real asinine decisions coming from our regulators. When labeling our food we now have to list all ingredients with allergens separate, so when picking up a carton … Continue reading

Bacon vs Bacon IMHO

The other day we were in the mood for BLT’s and still had a package of Bacon in the fridge from Ilowski Sausage Company on St. Clair Highway in East China, Michigan. My Conclusion: Not all Bacon is Bacon. IMHO … Continue reading

Why waste my Time to make Wurst?

Let me first refer you to my post Wurst – Sausage and Luncheon Meats to explain why I use the German word. I will cover the “why” here and also a simple way to start this hobby without buying all … Continue reading

Buying Meat

The way we buy meat for our house. I am not and never was a believer in buying whole Sides of Beef, Beef Quarters, Freezer Bundles and whole Hogs for my home use. I always tried to analyze a customers … Continue reading

Freezer orders

During my lectures and some conversations it seems that buying larger amounts of meat(s) is coming back in fashion. So let us break down the purchasing of a Side of Beef or Hindquarter: If you have a large family and … Continue reading

Are we making ourselves sick?

This post is a little off the normal Eat’s and Meat’s subjects, but I think it might confirm what I believe for many years. We are making ourselves sick? A segment on Fox news the other day had two doctors talking … Continue reading