Jaccard update

I made it a point today to read some of the negative reviews of the Jaccard Tenderizer on Amazon. Let me work on this step by step. Will not tenderize a cheap steak!   If the meat cutter cuts a ¾ … Continue reading

Buy a Meat Grinder – Yes or No?

Is it worth for me to invest in a meat grinder? To determine this you have to answer a few other questions. Are you frequently cooking at home? Do you want to save money? Are you a hunter and process … Continue reading

Sausage Making Equipment

What do I need to get into Home Based Sausage Making? You might have read my post on the “WHY to make your own Wurst” and tried my low cost easy recipe on ingeskitchen.com to start making your own lunch-meat … Continue reading

A Restaurant remembered

I know this post only fits into this blog because I want to reminisce about a remarkable restaurant which only lives on in our memories. The idea for this post came to me when a friend send me a truly … Continue reading

Geier’s Sausage Kitchen

This is an unsolicited and not paid for review! Geier’s Sausage Kitchen – still old fashioned Goodness or as per my opinion and byline : The Quality all “Wurst” should be!   In these times were profits are the only … Continue reading