Cuts of Beef – the Sirloin Tip

This piece of meat is one of those in between cuts and is usually considered part of the round. Besides the standard name of Sirloin Tip it is also called the Beef Knuckle.

I would like to work on this one separately as this is, by the whole piece, a lower cost cut with quite a potential. You can make a nice roast out of it, cut steaks for braising or even frying, slice it thin for Rouladen or chip steaks, it is excellent as beef stew and can yield pieces for stir fry, Shish-kebobs and Stroganoff.

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This piece is sold whole in many butcher shops and warehouse clubs. It weights on average around 10 pounds and is reasonably priced.

One of the recommendations to make this a more tender piece of meat is the use of a Jaccarder as described in a previous post and we also recommend to look for and buy meat of USDA Choice grade or better.

Take the meat pictured above and slice it very thin, quick fry it and use it as a lower cost alternative to strip steak on a Philly Sandwich. Lay them out and follow our recipe for Rouladen. Cut them into strips for Stir Fry or prepare them as Beef Stroganoff.

Cut the steaks thicker and use them for Swiss Steak or even on the BBQ, they can also be marinated for extra flavor.

Whole or cut in half together with some salt, pepper and garlic will give you a mouth watering Roast Beef. Just put it on the rotisserie and pull it while still a little pink in the middle.

Seam it out and cut into cubes will serve you well in Stews or makes a nice Hungarian Goulash. These cubes stuck on skewers with onions, mushrooms and green peppers, especially when punched with the above mentioned Jaccarder make an excellent Shish-Kebob, by the way in our store we always put a piece of bacon on each side of the beef for added taste.

Back in the time when I had my store I had a customer who participated in various Chili Cook-offs. He had me cut up the meat into very small bits for his award winning Chili and I am pleased to say that the meat from my store in Michigan was used by him all the way at the National Chili Cook-Off in Las Vegas, Nevada and I am still wondering if it was his recipe or the meat from my store what got him there (lol).



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