“A Trip down Memory Lane”

During the “Meat store owner” period of our life, catering and supplying parties with food used to be part of our weekly routine. So, when recently asked by one of our former customers/friends if we would consider cooking for a party at their house we agreed to do it for them for old time’s sake.

According to the remarks we overheard from some of the about 100 guests present, the food, which was 100% Bavarian-German, was a total success. The menu included Rouladen, Schnitzel, Bockwurst, Spaetzle, Potato Salad, Sauerkraut and Hard Rolls.

Rouladen with Spaetzle and Red Cabbage

As always we are not that secretive about the recipes and refer you to our website at ingeskitchen.com for the recipe links of the different dishes listed above.

Schnitzel and Potato Salad

For the Sauerkraut we went back to the somewhat simpler recipe we used to make at our store, which differs from the published one from our site as we did not add carrots and juniper berries and spiced it up somewhat with Maggi Liquid Seasoning instead.

Franken Sauerkraut

The “Wurst”, ordered and shipped from Geier’s Sausage Kitchen in Sarasota, Florida, arrived in good condition and was a hit with the guests.

Picture courtesy of Geier’s Sausage Kitchen

Although it was a lot of work preparing it the “right” way, doing this event brought back quite a few memories and it was fun doing it for them.


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