Pork Shoulder/Boston Butts

porkshoulderroastThe Boston Butt is the pork shoulder, weighs 6 to 9 pounds, can be bought bone in or boneless and is right now very affordable – look for sales in stores.

The cheapest way to buy is 2 pieces vacuum packed at about 17 to 18 pounds total weight.

When buying the bone in variety at a supermarket sale, if you don’t want to use the whole piece as a roast or for pulled pork, have the meat cutter slice off 4 pork steaks, remove the rest of the bone and grind the meat or lean it out for stew. Pork stew will make an excellent Hungarian Style Goulash.

Please note, that there is a gland in the fat part of the meat which will add bitterness to the ground meat if not removed before grinding.

If the shoulder is boneless you can cut the lean part into a roast, boneless pork steaks,  stew meat and grind the rest.
For a few of the many possible recipes visit ingeskitchen.com.

Buy a Meat Grinder – Yes or No?
Should answer this question.

Getting back to the ground meat.
If you have a grinder, grind the butts, after removing the gland, and add it to ground beef. It will make the consistency of your hamburger more delicate, refines the taste and saves you money.
We mix 50% ground beef with 50% ground pork for many dishes like stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbage, meatloaf, meatballs, Salisbury steak and even hamburger patties, we even make our own “Hamburger Helper” dishes out of ground pork.

This 50/50 mix alone will save 70 to 80 cents per pound on your ground meat or about $1.50 if you use 100% ground pork in your dishes

Using ground pork to make lunch meat like in our base recipe (pictured below) can save you $4.00 or more over your deli counter price at a better quality with less fat and without preservatives and fillers. Please make sure that you leave at least 10% of fat on it as your sausage will not be juicy enough without it.

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