Wurst – Bratwurst and Fresh Sausage

    Let me start with the Bratwurst which is translated “Frying Sausage” and would include any of the fresh sausages we put on the grill. I know we refer to Bratwurst or Brats to the fresh German style sausages … Continue reading

The Basics of making Fresh Sausage

During the Wurst Party we ran yesterday a few questions came up which I would like to answer. The definition of Fresh Sausage is that it is raw meat and the most common ingredient in it is Pork, to be … Continue reading

Geier’s Sausage Kitchen

This is an unsolicited and not paid for review! Geier’s Sausage Kitchen – still old fashioned Goodness or as per my opinion and byline : The Quality all “Wurst” should be!   In these times were profits are the only … Continue reading