Wurst Parties

Sorry, except for fundraisers for organizations,
all 2016 dates for private parties are already booked out!

Fill out the form below if you are interested in case of a cancellation or if you are part of a club or non profit organization!

If you live in St.Clair, Macomb and Oakland County, Michigan, this might be for you!

1wurst party2We all help together and have some fun!

We bring a Grinder, Stuffer, Mixer, Lugs, Scale(s), Table(s) and all other equipment necessary to make and package the Sausage.

Besides the equipment, we order, pick up and bring along: 1 box (8 pieces) of Pork Shoulder Butts between 60 to 70 pounds total weight, Sausage casings, Seasoning and other ingredients to make the Sausage.

Total Cost   US$ 300.00

  • Price includes 60-70 pounds of Sausage.
  • Types of “Wurst” must be selected 1 week before party.
  • A non refundable $100 deposit holds your date.
  • Final payment due 1 week before the party.
  • Price subject to change without notification due to market conditions

So, invite 10 of your friends, for $ 30 each they will take home 6 pounds of superior quality sausage each and we should have enough left for the samples. (More friends same amount of sausage the cost per person goes down, more sausage the cost per pound goes down).

Please note that any “Wurst” with cheese is $ 7.00 more per pound of cheese added, which is our cost for the special high temperature cheese we use.

Want more sausage? Extra poundage is $2.50 lbs, but as we have to buy 2 shoulder butts at a time in a package to keep it above board with inspection, the amount would be in 15 to 20 pounds increments, depending on the size of the pork shoulder butts.

We also bring along an induction cooking plate and frying pan to prepare some samples of the sausage after we make it, if you want to Barbecue sausages for the after party, that is up to you.

We will make 4 batches of Wurst at 15# each, but you can choose 2 types from over 20 different varieties. Some are natural smoke flavored lunch-meats, with baking/roasting instructions for you.

Our promise to you:

  • We will only make the highest quality sausage with the freshest ingredients.
  • Unless called for by the recipe (like potatoes in the potato sausage) we will not use any fillers!
  • We will not use any unnecessary ingredients, such as MSG or all those other unpronounceable ingredients you find in commercial sausage.
  • All Spice Blends are our own. You can find many of the recipes in the Lunchmeats & Sausage section of our Inge’s Kitchen recipe site.

You can choose from:
Different types of sausage added occasionally!

  1. fresh Polish Kielbasa, fine ground
  2. fresh Polish Kielbasa, fine ground with Marjoram Breslau style
  3. fresh Polish Kielbasa coarse ground
  4. fresh Polish Kielbasa coarse ground with Marjoram Breslau style
  5. fresh Italian Sausage, hot
  6. fresh Italian Sausage, mild
  7. Bavarian Bratwurst fine with a touch of lemon
  8. Bratwurst, regular
  9. Bratwurst, Jalapeno
  10. Beer Bratwurst
  11. fresh Hungarian Sausage
  12. Country Style Bratwurst
  13. Breakfast links in edible collagen casing
  14. Pork Sausage with Sage
  15. Pork Sausage Patties
  16. Cheddar Cheese Brats add $ 7.00 for each 10# of sausage
  17. Jalapeno Cheese brats add $ 7.00 for each 10# of sausage
  18. Pizza Sausage with cheese add $ 7.00 for each 10# of sausage
  19. Beer Wurst with natural hickory smoked flavor, to be cooked by you
  20. Pepper Loaf to be cooked by you
  21. Kielbasa Loaf, to be cooked by you
  22. Pizza Loaf, add $ 7.00 for each 10# of sausage, to be cooked by you

Select one or two different varieties!!! Remember each batch size is 15 pounds.

As our seasonings are proprietary and our “secrets”, we will part with some but not all of them.

There are only a few dates available during the year, as I will do no more than 10 parties per year and have a few regulars already, so do not invite anybody before you check the date with us!

Part of an organization? Want to have a sausage fundraiser? Fill out the form above and we will get together with you to give you the facts.

Price is subject to change without notification, due to market conditions!