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We are: Karin and Rudy

Karin: I am a native Detroiter, still living in the area, love to cook , bake, entertain and travel. I enjoy the wide variety of regional and ethnic foods in the American Kitchen, but my German roots created a passion for Bavarian dishes and baked goods. Together with my husband Rudy we owned and operated a meat store for about 20 years, offering local and imported items from around the world.

Rudy: I was born in Bavaria and came to the USA legally in 1969, was drafted and spend 1 year in Korea as a member of the US Army Military Police Corps. Worked in the meat industry and after awhile started the above mentioned meat store. After selling our store I started working in the spice industry until my recent semi retirement. As I come from Bavaria’s Northern region, the Franken area, most recipes and statements will reflect this and might be different in the rest of Bavaria. Karin and I love to go back for visits to my native Bavaria, the keyword is visits because after awhile we look forward to coming back home to the USA.

During family visits in Bavaria we spend many hours exploring the region and surrounding countries, following suggestions of our friends and family of what we could discover next.

Our experience in the meat industry gives us an insight on the subject, which we would like to share. It seems like thousands of blogs and webpages are written about food and the preparation thereof, but trying to find information about meat seems to be scarce, we hope to dedicate this to that cause.

We also maintain a Bavaria4U blog and webpages together with facts of, travel ideas to and destinations in Bavaria and we enlisted a few of our local friends to contribute to this endeavor.

With our  blogs and websites we hope, that we can give you some facts, hope to show you things that are helpful to you, introduce you to amazing sights, may be save you some money while meat shopping and even when traveling to Europe.

Thanks for visiting

Be Safe

Karin and Rudy


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